ESG and Sustainability


Sustainability is a long-term strategy, a day-to-day focus and a pillar of the path EL5-Energo follows step by step into the future.

That is why the elements of the sustainability management system in our company are not focused within a single function, instead, they are evenly distributed between different divisions. Thus we achieve the most comprehensive implementation of the sustainability strategy and greater involvement of a wide range of employees into the ESG agenda.

Sustainability issues are tackled with precise attention both in planning of our company's strategy and in our everyday operations. The Sustainability Unit plays a coordinating role in this comprehensive process.

All aspects of sustainability including environmental impact, social responsibility or commitment to strict principles of fair and open governance and ethical business conduct are treated with equal attention. A full set of internal regulatory documents has been developed at the organizational level.  

EL5-Energo invites you to get acquainted with our practices and achievements, and if you have any additional questions, we would be pleased to answer them via

E — environment

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G — governance

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