Driving a world of energy

Over the last few months our company has been experiencing a constant transformation, it has changed its name to EL5-Energo and presented its new logo. Thus, a new brand in the electric power industry is born. It is designed to unleash the powerful potential of the company with a long history, broad experience, the implemented large-scale projects. Currently the company develops its assets, maintains high standards of operation and has bright prospects. We strive to envisage clear images, definitions, and goals for our EL5-Energo brand, based on its heritage. Previously, we have already talked about the development and presentation of the visual component of the brand, logo and corporate identity. Now we’d like to invite you to make a deep dive into the brand philosophy.

Have you managed to remember the title of this text? Driving a world of energy is EL5-Energo’s new motto. Following this message we renew our path in the energy industry to fulfill our mission: preserve and improve our heritage, develop new technologies while producing reliable and affordable energy.

Over the years of its existence, our company has undergone several stages of business transformation, each time gaining new experience, adopting best practices and accumulating competencies, while maintaining high quality.

Now EL5-Energo is at the confluence of tradition and innovation: it manages thermal power plants having a wealth of history and "young" and prospective projects related to the wind energy and producing green affordable energy.

To move forward prosperously according to the chosen path, the company needs to have certain guidelines and a backbone – the team – who is shaping these milestones. Hence, the power engineers are fully aware of the importance and indispensability of their work aimed at maintaining the well-being of the population and industrial enterprises.

Therefore, the employees of EL5-Energo defined the set of values following which the company will continue the path of its development:

Safety. We generate affordable and safe heat and electricity for the population and industrial enterprises in the regions of the company’s presence. In our activities we use the highest health and safety standards, the best practices in risk management and we strive to zero injuries at work.

Reliability. We guarantee production of reliable and sustainable heat and electricity, and we strictly fulfill all the obligations we have undertaken in relation to our employees and external stakeholders.

Responsibility. We encourage a responsible and proactive approach to work in our team, thus, contributing to development of the company as a whole, when each project is filled with mindfulness. The company also undertakes an increased responsibility for the assets, the environment, and the issues related to all stakeholders.

Leadership. Today we are leaders in sustainability, as evidenced by the ratings and our awards, we have become one of the pioneers in the RES development in Russia, we introduce best practices and technologies into the production cycles. We also help to develop leadership qualities in our employees to make their daily work safer, more efficient, and more interesting.

Care for people. This is a key sustainability value. The destiny of all the company's business is determined by the consideration for the interests of its employees, the local communities in the regions of the company's presence, all those involved in the activities of EL5-Energo.

EL5-Energo, being a compass in the world of energy creation, indicates the direction of its development. We already possess a unique experience, and the new brand will help to multiply it and bring it to a new level.