According to Aristotle, the concept of the common good or the commonwealth is a synthesis of virtue, justice and material well-being. These same elements are the base for sustainable development. Rationality and a sincere desire to share all the best of us, for the sake of commowealth, occupy the mind and heart of all those for whom it is impossible to remain indifferent.

Walking to the park with the family and plogging together, sending greeting cards to nursing home residents, participating in crowdfunding to print collections of nursery rhymes about caring for nature, collecting humanitarian aid for the homeless, or launching your own initiative to separate waste collection in your neighborhood – from such small examples, a society of reliable, strong and successful people is drawn up.

In order to find enthusiasts and their valuable ideas in EL5-Energo and in the regions of our presence, in 2022 we launched the Social Grants Competition as a new tool for the formation of the Local Community Support and Development Program.

For the first Competition, we selected several main thematic project areas, including environmental well-being of the regions where the Company operates and working with the local communities.

On the part of the participants, our experts expect proactivity and involvement. After all, the whole Competition is built around the idea of making a really useful project not on paper, but in practice. We give a signal to all potential participants: “You are not alone!”.

To create a social project, it is important to be intuitive in order to perceive the surrounding needs and imperfections, creative in order to see new opportunities, and responsible in order to create a concept for the project, attract like-minded people and follow your set goals.

Thanks to the Competition, EL5-Energo establishes a closer dialogue with residents of the regions, local non-profit and public organizations, public institutions and social entrepreneurs, helps participants to receive support and feel confident in their work and make the regions of our presence fairer, safer and more interesting.

Very soon, February 1, 2022, we will find out the names of the winners of the Competition and will keep an eye on their progress. Now our experts are studying all applications with great interest, and the whole team thanks each participant for the proposed ideas.

In the future, the Competition will be held on a regular basis annually, so beginners can start preparing.

Any interaction between EL5-Energo and local communities is always based on the principles of equality, reciprocity and zeal. In addition, the company continues to develop corporate volunteering and centrally organizes corporate volunteer events.

For example, in 2018, we actively supported the Year of the Volunteer and held a contest of volunteer initiatives “Towards Big Goals – By Small Steps” among colleagues who had volunteer experience. During the year, the teams of participants took more than 1000 steps, they themselves came up with and implemented more than 40 volunteer initiatives.


Our life is constantly changing dynamically, but the driver of these changes can be the person, and not external circumstances. It is in our power to change the face of the present. We can maintain and strengthen active civic-mindedness and life stance, raise awareness and develop empathy. EL5-Energo, being a socially responsible company, does its best to support these aspirations in our employees by developing corporate volunteering projects, developing tools and initiatives that give colleagues a sense of commitment to the common important cause of creating a better future for all of us.