Winners of the Social Grant Competition 2023

Taking care of the people working in our company and living in the regions where the company operates is one of EL5-Energo’s core values. Since 2022, we have been holding a social grant competition to support and develop the local communities.

Based on the results of 2023, we selected the best projects with the brand-new ideas to solve social problems and provide financial support to bring these ideas into life.

About Whales – Ad Oculus project from Murmansk region presented by the Whale Protection Fund is the winner in the Social Partners category. The mentor of this initiative, Vladimir Latka, spoke about the life of the whales in the Gulf of Teriber, unfortunately, being pursued and they leave their usual habitats and never return. This project is aimed not only at preserving the marine mammals, but also at ensuring the development of tourism in the region. The authors of the project suggest locating the stands with the rules of polite whale watching and information about the diversity of whales and seals in the Barents Sea, so that everyone can plunge into the exciting underwater world beyond the Arctic Circle.

In Sverdlovsk region, Renovating the Exposition of the Hall of Labor and Military Glory and the Hall of Honorary Residents of Sredneuralsk project from the Center for Patriotic Education municipal budgetary institution has become the winner. The director of the center, Kirill Rounkov, says that this victory in the competition is an opportunity to provoke new interest from the residents of Sredneuralsk and the city guests, as well as to organize a place in the city for holding special events.

Sails of the Small Motherland for Special Children project presented by All-Russian Society of People with Disabilities Konakovo regional organization is the winner in Tver region. It will allow to improve the quality of life and the level of social adaptation of people with disabilities, both adults and children, and members of their families through involvement in the sport activities, including sailing and tourism.

One of the most active employees of Sredneuralskaya GRES, Nikita Shvarev, won in the “Employees” nomination. His project “People and Wind - Summer Space” is aimed at developing traditional sports for children and teenagers in Sredneuralsk. Moreover, on the embankment of Lake Isetskoe, our colleague wants to create an open-air cinema for young residents of the city.

Meet the winners of EL5-Energo’s social grant competition in our new video. They talk about the goals and objectives of their projects and about how they are going to implement them as well.