Shining brightly at Russia exhibition!

On January 27, as part of Russia exhibition-forum at VDNKh, Energy Day was held since the power industry is one of the most important ones in our country. Nikolai Shulginov, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, launched the exhibition in the pavilion with the symbolic name “Energy of Life”.

The plenary session initiated by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak has become the key event of the Energy Day. Kola Wind Farm ranked high in the list of the issues to be discussed being one of the most outstanding achievements of our country!

The companies in the country's fuel and energy sector dwelled on their projects and held various events as well: master classes, thematic lectures, safety lessons, excursions, quizzes, and even plays and animated series were shown.

This day at VDNKh raised interest not only among adults, but also among children: in LUKOIL Company’s Oil pavilion, EL5-Energo employees held a lesson on the risk-based approach. Many parents sometimes hear their children saying “it’s difficult, I won’t learn it,” “it’s better to play than to study.” But what can be done when it is crucial to explain some complex things to a child, for example, related to the principles of safe behavior and safety culture? To answer this question, the company has developed a special educational course as part of the #LiveSafely program. In a play mode, children learnt about the amazing world of energy, the risks associated with the electricity, some safety rules to follow in everyday life and identified the ways to increase the energy efficiency.

At the meeting, the children were presented with memorable souvenirs from the company. “I liked everything - good lecturers working well in pairs,” “Interesting manner of presentation and nice demonstration materials,” the children from 8 to 15 years old shared their impressions.

Despite the fact that the Energy Day is over, the energy of the Arctic wind can still be felt in the “Regions of Russia” pavilion (No. 75) at VDNH at the stand of Murmansk region, where you can learn more about the operation of our Kola wind farm - the largest windfarm in the world beyond the Arctic Circle.