Congratulations on Power Engineer’s Day 2023!

Energy plays a crucial role in the economy of any country in the world. The effective functioning of this industry depends not only on the advanced technologies, but also on highly qualified specialists. To produce affordable and safe energy, real professionals whom we are sincerely proud of work at EL5-Energo power plants every day.

Have you noticed that on the night of December 21-22, the bright electric lights illuminating the streets of our cities shone especially brightly? In the morning, December 22, the longest night of the year ended and a special day came, dedicated to all employees in the energy industry – Power Engineer’s Day! And after a busy night shift our colleagues are ready to accept congratulations on their professional day.

In 2023 thanks to the well-coordinated work of a large team of engineers, electricians, switchboard operators, installers, heating engineers, mechanics and other specialists, EL5-Energo keeps on providing reliable energy supply and bring light and heat to households and enterprises.

We would also like to recall together the achievements of our team and thank everyone for their successful work. So, dear colleagues, we are proud of you because:

  1. You have achieved such a high level of safety culture that the indicator we strive for has finally been achieved - zero accidents at all our sites!
  2. You have managed to make a big energy dream come true - on March 1, 2023, Kola Wind Farm reached the installed capacity of 202 MW. Now clean energy of the Arctic is truly available to everyone. The green electrons of Kola Wind Farm scattered throughout the unified energy grid of our country!
  3. At the federal and regional levels, you have proven to be one of the best in your professions - operators, health and safety specialists and chemists!
  4. And, of course, thanks to your opinion and your comments, the new strong brand of EL5-Energo has been created with its own values, which you have defined and share, and the ambitious motto “Driving the world of energy”!

EL5-Energo thanks each employee for their professional approach and hard work; the work of each of you is a great contribution to the energy stability and development of our country. Congratulations on the Power Engineer’s Day! We wish you further achievements at work and the warm light of the family hearth!