Goal number one

Safety is a fundamental value that grants freedom to a person. No matter how paradoxical it may sound. A sense of safety gives us immense freedom from fear, what is necessary for development and growth.

EL5-Energo is aware of the importance and high value of safety for everyone. Our company carries out a large number of events and projects aimed at improving the safety culture. Here are just a few of them:

  • Each of our suppliers undergoes a mandatory qualification
  • All of our contractors are assessed under the safety culture criteria
  • Serving teams are subject to regular inspections
  • The company has been developing the #LiveSafely project, which aims to improve the safety culture among colleagues and contractors.

We understand that there can be many risks at work at power plants. And our task is to work efficiently with them. Therefore, as part of the #LiveSafely project, we train our colleagues to identify, assess risks and participate in further actions aimed at their elimination.

Conscious behavior and safe environment

We do not just strive for a high level of safety, we actively involve our colleagues in this process.

Almost 100% of the personnel have already been trained and have been involved in the process of building a risk management system.

These are significant numbers:

  • Over 1,400 people are involved in the project
  • 1,600 risks have been identified
  • More than 3,200 measures have been proposed to reduce, prevent or eliminate the risks, and 1,600 measures have been implemented.

Safety is a value. It is a priority. It is a prism through which we look at all our activity.

Risks under control

The continuous operation of our gas-fired and wind power plants is the mission of EL5-Energo.

We achieve these goals by demonstrating high safety results.

Over the past 2022, all of our personnel worked without a single accident.

At the same time, according to general estimates, no accidents were recorded at Konakovskaya power plant for more than 2 years, at Nevinnomysskaya and Sredneuralskaya power plants - for more than 3.5 years, and at Azovskaya WPP for the period of construction and operation - more than 3 years.

Power industry is not static, there are always some changes going on there. And we will improve and increase the safety culture, and create favorable conditions for the development of each of our employees and our entire great team.