Energy in each of us

Today is December 22, when the shortest day and the longest night of the year comes in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. At such moments, of course, the magic should happen. When it is dark, windy, and cold outside the window, you want to be in your favorite place, surrounded by warmth and coziness. Our habitual comfort is the concern of the main magicians of this day - power engineers. These people who tame the incredible element of electricity for the benefit of mankind. They make power plants function continuously and reliably, transmitting electrical and thermal energy through grids and mains, and finally delivering it to homes and businesses.

Power Engineer's Day is a very important day for each of our colleagues. They devote a lot of time and efforts to work at energy facilities, and for that we say "THANK YOU!" to each other.

The EL5-Energo team also believes that the Day of the Power Engineer can become special for everyone, even those who are far from this complex engineering science. After all, energy is everywhere and in each of us.

On the eve, in Murmansk, we met with second-graders from a local school in the regional children's and youth library named after V.P. Makhaeva to talk about the wonders of energy, amazing technologies and together uncover some of the mysteries of nature. Experiments with electricity and different types of energies became a great discovery for children because physical phenomena and energy were born right before their eyes, mechanisms were put into action thanks to their efforts. This is how the children celebrated their first Power Engineer's Day! They did not hide their delight, talked a lot with the guests, made noise, had fun - they filled the whole space with their tireless energy - and they also gifted postcards to the EL5-Energo team for their professional holiday.

We hope that we have opened the world of energy for these guys, and there is still a lot of whys and hows ahead. And we are ready for it!