The second course of lectures conducted by EL5-Energo experts on the green energy development is launched at Murmansk Arctic University (the MAU)

On February 8, the second educational course of lectures and master classes conducted by the energy company experts was launched at Murmansk Arctic University within the framework of the agreement on academic and scientific cooperation between the university and EL5-Energo PJSC represented by Kola Wind Farm in the region. These events will be under way during three months from February to April.

At the first lecture Alexander Panov, the General Director of Kola Wind Farm LLC, told the students about the unique project - Kola Wind Farm, the largest one in the world beyond the Arctic Circle. During the interactive lecture, the MAU students learned about the peculiarities of its construction and operation as well as about the green energy development in the country and in the world in general.

“Interaction with educational institutions is an integral goal of our company within the sustainable development. We understand how important and valuable it is for students to receive not only theoretical knowledge, but also real examples of unleashing the scientific potential and putting it into practice. I hope that these lectures will reveal not only new knowledge about the industry, but they will also help students in their career guidance plans,” emphasized Alexander Panov.

The director of Kola Wind Farm dwelled on the specialists working at the wind farm, and on the development prospects for young specialists as well.

The energy company EL5-Energo is actively developing cooperation with the leading universities in the industry in the regions of its presence, providing students with scholarship programs and internship opportunities, and involving them in research projects.

The next lecture on the “Current status and development prospects of the electricity sector: Russia and the world” is scheduled for February, 22. Students of any year of education at the MAU are invited to attend the lectures.