The total output of EL5-Energo wind farms reached 1 billion kWh

As of September 11, 2023, the total output of the Azov Wind Farm and the Kola Wind Farm of EL5-Energo PJSC reached 1 billion kWh since their launch into commercial operation.

The WPP operation efficiency is assessed by the ICUF – installed capacity utilization factor. The main factor influencing the ICUF is the high wind potential in the region where the WPP is located.

Currently there are two wind farms in the portfolio of the generating assets of EL5-Energo PJSC. The Azov Wind Farm is located in the south of Russia in Rostov region and it has been generating green power since May 2021. The wind farm is capable of generating about 320 million kWh per year, and its installed capacity is 90 MW.

The Kola Wind Farm, located in Murmansk Region and built in the harsh conditions of the far north, was put into commercial operation in December 2022 and it became the world's largest wind farm beyond the Arctic Circle. The wind farm has the installed capacity of 202 MW and the planned output of about 750 million kWh per year. The wind farm is equipped with 57 WTGs and located on the area of 257 hectares.