Starting from February 5, 2019, JSC Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T.  is registrar of PJSC EL5-Energo.

License data: license of the Bank of Russia for keeping register No. 045-13976-000001 dated 03.12.2002.
Address: Stromynka 18, bld. 5Б, room IX, Moscow 107076
TIN 7726030449
KPP 771801001
Phone: +7 (495) 989-76-50 +7(495) 780-73-63
Earlier, JSC Independent Registrar Company  performed registrar activities for the Company, but ceased operations as a result of its reorganization through a merger with JSC Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T.
JSC Independent Registrar Company R.O.S.T. is legal successor of JSC "Independent Registrar Company" for all the rights and obligations.

Making changes to the personal account information about the registered person (updating the form of a registered person) for the individual shareholders of PJSC EL5-Energo - is free of charge.