Ready for winter and cold

Preparing power plants for operation during the heating season is not an easy task, but still a very important one. We work in order to make your December evenings cozy and warm, January weekdays - productive, and windy February - not freezing, but instead inspirational fpr creative endeavors.

Enel Russia received a Certificate of readiness for operation in the upcoming heating season. A big amount of work has been done to achieve this goal. Take a look, this is just some part of the work:

  • A set of activities aimed at ensuring safety during peak loads and during low temperatures were developed and implemented
  • Planned maintenance works were completed
  • A set of checks and adjustments of the heating systems of buildings was performed, thermal insulation was installed, and windows were repaired
  • The stock of main and reserve fuel was prepared
  • Emergency reserve of spare parts and materials was formed
  • Hydraulic tests were carried out, as well as numerous other preparatory works

Particular attention was paid to the readiness of our staff. Our colleagues completed additional instruction and training with the participation of specialists from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and medical staff. The adequate supply of workwear, safety shoes and other necessary personal protective equipment was checked for each employee of our power plants.

The evaluation of readiness of power plants was carried out by the Ministry of Energy, the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) and internal commissions of the company in accordance with the new methodology for calculating the Index of readiness of power plants for operation during the heating season. And we scored excellent results!

Severe weather conditions make one tougher

All our power plants were recognized as ready to carry the maximum load in the autumn-winter period.

“Our power plants remain sustainable in all weather conditions thanks to efficient solutions in the field of equipment operation, higher health and safety standards and rational use of resources in the course of production activities.”

- Zhanna Sedova, General Director of PJSC Enel Russia

Three thermal power plants of the company will operate in difficult winter conditions: Konakovskaya GRES, Nevinnomysskaya GRES, Sredneuralskaya GRES, and Azovskaya wind farm.

At all 100%!

For the Azovskaya wind farm, this cold season will be already the second one since commissioning. There is much less work to be done in order to prepare a wind farm compared to a thermal one. But efficient and high-quality preparation is also important here.

The readiness of the power plant was rated on the level of system reliability, production and net output of electricity, technical condition, readiness of staff and emergency response. Azovskaya wind farm received the maximum readiness score of 100 points!

"Azovskaya wind farm holds one of the leading positions in the wind power market of the Don region."

- Igor Burakov, General Director of the Investment Development Agency of the Rostov Region

The mission of Enel Russia is to ensure reliable and safe operation of power plants in order to provide the country's residents with energy and heat. And we perform this work with maximum efficiency and responsibility!