In any unclear situation - improvise

The life of each of us in the outgoing year was full of impressions, stories, emotions. In 2022, self-control, critical thinking and hope were especially useful to our team, and in times of uncertainty, we always had an amazing ability to improvise in reserve.

We leave the assessment of the scale of the ongoing global changes to historians, and we, the power engineers, continue to ensure the reliable operation of our power plants, we have big plans for the future and the best team.

Each of our colleagues is a bearer of unique experience and character, everyone puts some of himself into work, worries about working projects as if they were personal, and sincerely rejoices at every achievement. Our employees are also very sincere people who strive to diversify their lives and time with loved ones. Everyone has stories that can captivate and surprise readers for a long time.

From the point of view of psychology, it is considered useful to sum up the results of the year in order to understand how much you have coped with your personal tasks and expectations, what you have been able to learn.

At the end of 2022, we invited our colleagues, so different, to combine their brightest impressions of the year, talk about the projects they participated in, share their emotions, worries and joys. How it was - watch our final video!

In the New Year, the EL5-Energo team wishes all our readers good health, new interesting projects, love and harmony with loved ones!

Improvise - you're good at it!